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If you want pure, organic meat cooked like your ancestors did – over a fire, look no further. Call us to discuss your customized event. Best for parties of 10-50. Check out the menu options.

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What we’ll grill: The only true method for grilling authentic kebabs is over fire, so we’ll start with how to prepare and manage an open charcoal grill the natural way. Fikri explains what type of meat goes on various skewers, the process of marinating and how to keep the meat tender. He’ll give a tutorial on spices and we’ll prepare together (hands-on) side dishes of tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber and mint), Antep ezme (spicy Kurdish salsa), and onion salad with sumac and isot. We will eat what we prepared end with tea and baklava for dessert

About the Chef

Fikri is a professional chef who knows how to cook unforgettable meals.  With an on-sight charcoal grill custom made in Istanbul, you will be dazzled with the offerings of  juicy style kebabs, savory chunks of lamb and beef, to die for chicken wings, with unique and tasty side dishes.

“I’m here to attest that Fikri Karakoyun is an amazing chef and that you will be host of the year if you bring him on to cater your gathering!” – Gloria Totten

“Fikri made the best spread of Kurdish food – ANY FOOD I EVER had the pleasure to enjoy at a gathering of beautiful friends and strangers.” – Derek Orr