Traveling Grill Menu

Traveling Grill Menu

At PeraEats we have three featured menus to choose from for catering, each with their own distinct style and flavor. But, don’t feel limited. We are not fussy. We are open to mixing and matching, however you like!

How it Works

Everything is cooked on site with the Pera grill brought to an outdoor space, to be served indoors or out. Set up of the grill will start two hours in advance of serving time. Dishes are prepared family style, with platters of meat and small side dishes to accompany the meal. Lavash bread is included. All ingredients are made by hand with only the freshest produce and products.

Please note: If you’re interested in the Turkish Grill experience, but can’t accommodate a grill party, delivery can be arranged. Off site grilling options are available with advance notice of parties of 10 or more.

About the Meat… and the Technique 

One of the most fascinating and unique aspects of Istanbul is the variety, richness and quality of the food. Kurdish and Turkish food is a mixture and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisines. In addition to being the product of centuries of experience, Kurdish cuisine has a very pure quality. While the word kebab or shish kebab may sometimes be used in English as a culinary term that refers to any type of small chunks of meat cooked on a skewer, kebab is mainly associated with a diversity of meat dishes that originated in the medieval kitchens of Persia and Turkey. American adaptations of kebabs often include vegetables cooked in-between the meat. This is poor technique. Temperature between meat and vegetables varies, making uneven and unappetizing grilled vegetables. But don’t worry, fresh tomatoes and green peppers will be grilled to accompany the meat.

Delicious Side Dishes

Meat is the starring attraction, but it will be made even more delicious with side dishes of yogurt, cucumber and mint (tzatziki), spicy tomato dip (ezme), grilled eggplant and lavash – a special soft, thin unleavened flatbread. And don’t worry if there are vegetarians in your party – they will have plenty of flavor filled options, check out our Vegetarians Unite page for details.


Each menu has a  per person cost + tax, which is all inclusive of the entire menu, labor, set up and breakdown. Please contact us for pricing.